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Bespoke Patterns, founded by Jordan Prince, specialise in garment pattern cutting as well as sampling and small to large scale production. Our talented team are experts in creating top notch patterns for womenswear, streetwear and menswear. Our pattern cutters work from rough sketches, detailed technical specifications, illustrations and photographs and can also draft accurate patterns directly from your samples. We can copy existing and vintage garments. If you can imagine it, we can cut it.

Technical advice and assistance can be provided during the development of your designs. Send us your designs for a breakdown.
Our team of seamstresses pride themselves in producing exceptional garment samples and our pattern cutters take great care with your patterns. The results speak for themselves. 

What is a pattern?

A pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled. Patterns are usually made of paper, and are sometimes made of sturdier materials like paperboard or cardboard if they need to be more robust to withstand repeated use. All of our patterns are cut to real size and are ready to take to a manufacturer straight away, with technical construction details such as notches, seam allowance and fabric direction instructions. 

Why are patterns needed?

In order to create a garment, a seamstress or manufacturer will need the patterns for your required design to cut the fabric and assemble your garment together. Once you have a pattern created for your design, it can be reused repeatedly (regardless of how many garments you create). This means that once you have a pattern for your design created, you can use it to produce any amount of garments needed at the production stage.

What is the process of making a pattern?

We use a flat-pattern method. This is where the entire pattern is drafted on a flat surface from measurements using rulers, curves and straight-edges. Usually, flat patterns begin with the creation of a block pattern, a simple basic template pattern used to establish overall fit and measurement (without any design features). Final designs are usually then drafted form block patterns. However, block patterns are not compulsory but it is usually advised if you are creating multiple designs for consistent measurement and fit through your range.

What do we need to make a pattern?

Ideally, a technical pack is used to create a pattern. This includes a technical drawing, a precise and detailed flat drawing of a design that show the measurements and all design details. Alternatively, We can also work from existing garments or existing patterns (Any alterations must be stated in writing with measurements).

What is pattern grading?

Pattern grading is the process of shrinking or enlarging a finished pattern to accommodate the finished garment to people of different sizes. Grading rules determine how patterns increase or decrease to create different sizes. Fabric type also influences pattern grading standards.

What we dont do?

Although we offer pattern cutting, sampling and batch production, we do not offer fabric sourcing, embellishment services or logo embroidery / screen printing. However, if you can provide us with your logo as a cutout on heat transfer paper, we can apply logos to garments under a heat press machine.