Every sewing lover needs a kit of materials to call their own we’ve already put together a guide on the best sewing kit you can find on the market but did you know that you can also create your very own sewing kit from scratch?

We’ve rounded-up 30 of the most unique, eye-catching, and easy-to-make sewing kits – You’re going to love all of them!

So whether you’re after a space-saving option, a quirky home for your materials, or even the largest and most organized sewing kit on the planet…you’ll find them all below!

crochet cupcake pin cushion sewing kit

What’s cooler than a crochet ice cream? A crochet ice cream jar containing sewing materials, of course! 1 Dog Woof will show you how to make this little masterpiece.

suitcase sewing kit

Thanks to Apartment Therapy, you can learn how to transform a small suitcase into your very own sewing kit. It looks incredibly organised too!

portable sewing kit caddy

Fancy a little sewing kit that folds up into a handy pouch? This tutorial from Ask Sarah will show you how to recreate your very own. Mix and match your favorite materials for a unique look that’s totally you!

Liberty Hexie sewing kit

Even if you’re not familiar with what a Liberty Hexie sewing kit is, you’ll still fall in love with this clever idea from A Spoonful of Sugar! It’s also a neat and organized way to store all of your favorite sewing materials.

ruler box sewing kit

If you’ve got a few old wooden rulers sitting around at home, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can actually create a ‘ruler box’ from them to house your sewing bits and bobs. Spoonful of Sugar has this wonderful tutorial.

sewing box tutorial

This easy sewing box tutorial is courtesy of Como Fazer Artesanato – You’re going to love it! It’s also a great space saver for your sewing corner.

macaroon coin purse

How about creating a mini macaroon-inspired pouch to hold your sewing essentials? It’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go but just can’t bear to part from your beloved needle and thread! Craft Passion will show you how.

mini sewing kit

This DIY project from Craftsy helps you to turn your favorite little tin into a mini sewing kit. It’s even a great gift idea for a loved one, so be sure to give it a go!

train case sewing kit

Have you ever stumbled upon those old train cases at goodwill stores and thrift shops? Now you can turn one into an impressive sewing kit, thanks to this great idea from Darling Adventures!

recycled paper basket sewing kit

This eco-friendly idea from Design Sponge helps you to turn recycled paper into a basket which is perfect for housing all of your sewing materials – think balls of yarn, reels of thread, your needles, material off-cuts…everything!

cardboard mini suitcase sewing kit

Disdressed will teach you how to create a sewing box from a cardboard mini suitcase. This is an incredibly versatile DIY project, so you’re going to love it!

DIY fold-up sewing kit

How pretty is this DIY fold-up sewing kit from Fil de la Passion? The step-by-step images will give you some seriously needed inspiration!

zipper box bag sewing kit

This boxy, material purse is perfect for holding all of your sewing supplies for carry-about storage. You can easily place it in your handbag or sit it on your desk. Handmadiya has this wonderful tutorial!

sewing organizer bag

This cat-shaped sewing kit from Handmadiya can easily be made from some spare material and it’s the perfect weekend project! No one will be able to resist this adorable little critter.

ultimate sewing kit

Did you know that with a few cheap and common storage items, you can easily create the ultimate sewing kit? Homemade by Carmona has this genius idea to share with you.

antique-inspired sewing kit box

See this beautiful, antique-inspired sewing kit box? It’s actually been created using every day, modern craft supplies like scissors, rulers, and more. Illusion de Yayi has then spray-painted them white to give them that old school look.

vintage sewing box

If you’re lucky enough to find a vintage sewing box like this one from Lily All Sorts, then you can also give it a unique twist, just as this talented blogger has done!

cardboard box sewing kit

If you’re running a tight budget, never fear! You can create a simple and cheap sewing kit from a cardboard box, just as Little Willow Tree has done. What a great idea!

fabric sewing box

Here’s another easy-peasy DIY sewing box idea, this time from Love To Sew. You can even use these instructions to create fabric boxes for a whole array of other uses!

mason jar pin cushion sewing kit

This chic, cottage-inspired mason jar pin cushion sewing kit is certainly unique. Making It Pretty has shared this insightful tutorial via eHow. Share it with your friends, because they’re sure to love it too!

material case sewing kit

These gorgeous material cases look as professional as store-bought ones! Michael Ann Made has a brilliant tutorial for creating these and they’re perfect for storing everything you need for your sewing projects!

thread spool sewing box

How’s this for a fantastic idea? Mur Mur has re-purposed a cardboard box into storage for her spools of thread! This is one easy-to-create way for keeping your thread neatly organized.

padded scissor sewing pouch

Creating your own sewing kit can be as easy as making this DIY design from Pattern Pile! It’s perfect for keeping those sharp scissors away from tiny hands too.

sewing fabric basket

Although this DIY project from Polka Dot Chair is designed to house material, it can also hold all of your other sewing materials too, making it the perfect idea for a sewing kit.

teapot into a pin cushion

Now this is a one-of-a-kind idea for a DIY sewing kit! Sadie Season Goods will show you how she transformed her pretty teapot into a pin cushion and storage for her other crafty materials. Amazing!

sewing notion and tool stand

Sara Gray has shared this awesome, stand-up sewing kit idea via Pattern Pile. It also folds away for easy storage. Does it get any more perfect than that?

zippered box pouch

Here’s another gorgeous sewing case idea, this time from The Seasoned Homemaker. The talented blogger will also teach you how to create your own pin cushion, which is the perfect addition to your DIY sewing kit.

mason jar pin cushion

This mason jar pin cushion sewing kit is from The Seasoned Homemaker and we love the use of vibrant and colorful material! This would also be a perfect gift idea for a loved one.

sunglasses case sewing kit

We all seem to have old sunglasses cases lying around at home, so how about turning one into a handy little sewing kit? Tea Rose Home did just that and now she’s shared the helpful tutorial with you too!

egg carton sewing kit

Now this is a sewing kit on a budget! Transform an empty egg carton into a cool sewing kit, just as Truly Myrtle has done. Will you paint yours, cover it in fabric, or leave it plain? The options are endless!

Now there’s no excuse for an untidy or disorganized sewing space, thanks to those wonderful DIY sewing kit ideas. Which ones were your favorites? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!