Nowadays schools are integrating fun skill development into children’s lives such as cooking and textiles. When your child comes home, beaming with pride, holding up their square of fabric that looks like it’s been mauled by lots of angry, multi-coloured threads, perhaps it’s time to invest in a child-friendly sewing machine for some much needed practice.

Sewing is an intricate skill and while frustrating when that pesky bobbin gets tangled for the twentieth time in one hour, it can boost your child’s creativity and confidence.

It can also be a great bonding activity to bring you both closer together. Not to mention they’ll be able to show off their new skill in their next textiles lesson. There is so much choice when searching for a sewing machine suitable for a child. It’s easy to get

wrapped up in the coolest or cutest looking one, but these will often fall apart in the first month of use. You don’t need to break the bank, either, as there are plenty of good and reliable models on the market that will be perfect for your child’s new hobby.

If you don’t know what makes a good sewing machine to keep your child’s attention, we’re here to help you with our top five favourite models around. They’re all easy to use, however some will suit you and your child more than others. Sit back, relax, and let’s find your household’s new favourite obsession.


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Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine, Lightweight, Full Featured, 27 Stitches, 6 Included Feet
Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine, Lightweight, Full Featured, 27 Stitches, 6 Included Feet
  • 27 Unique built-in stitches: The XM2701 includes 27 built-in stitches including decorative, blind hem, zigzag, and stretch stitches and an auto-size buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: This sewing machine includes an automatic needle threader that perfectly pushes thread through the needle and a convenient, jam resistant drop-in top bobbin
  • Included accessories: The XM2701 comes with 6 sewing feet, 3-piece needle set, twin needle, 4 bobbins, instructional DVD, manual and more
  • Versatile free arm: This free arm sewing machine is perfect for a wide range of everyday sewing projects, and users from beginners to advanced
  • At your side support: The XM2701 sewing machine comes with Brother At your side support offering free technical support via online, live chat or phone for the life of your machine

Sew, you’re looking for a sewing machine for your child but you’re unsure of which to pick. Luckily, we’re much better at finding the best quality products than coming up with puns, so our top pick is sure to go down a treat with your little one. Our favourite sewing machine for children has to be the Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine, and here’s why:

  • You’ll get both a manual and an instructional DVD that both you and your child can peruse before using to ensure you know how to use it safely. Moreover, if this isn’t enough help Brother also offers free online technical support.
  • The small design lets your child carry their new accessory around wherever they’re going and keeps them occupied when you need a minute of peace. It’s also very easy to store without taking up a chunk of your house. 
  • Lots of stitching features that help keep your child busy and excited about the different ways they can customize their creations.





Our Pick
Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine, Lightweight, Full Featured, 27 Stitches, 6 Included Feet
Our rating:

Looks aren’t everything to adults, but kids tend to be drawn towards things with cool designs that’ll wow their friends. The beautiful design on the front panel of this model will capture your child’s attention and make them want to use their sewing machine even more.

Considering the compact size of this model, it offers an impressive amount of features to use including 27 stitches and 63 stitch functions. Additionally you’ll be able to make button holes easily and the needle is resistant to jamming – a brilliant feature to keep your child’s frustration to a minimum and prevent them giving up their hobby.

What’s more is that the accessory kit contains six different sewing feet, a three piece needle set, twin needles, four bobbins and two manuals.

The design features a versatile free arm which is perfect for a wide range of sewing projects, from beginner to advanced. The LED lit workstation brightens your fabric to let your child see their creation clearly and prevent slip-ups.

There’s an instructional DVD to watch which gives step-by-step videos to make you and your child confident in using this sewing machine. If this isn’t enough and you have more questions that weren’t answered in the videos, Brother offers free online and technical support for the life of the model.

  • Works perfectly for beginners with lots of helpful guidance and support
  • Compact style is easy to store without taking up too much space
  • 27 stitches and 63 stitch functions make this a great machine for any project
  • Some models came broken and had to be sent back for a replacement
  • Users found the LED too dim


SINGER Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches, Free Arm Best Sewing Machine for Beginners, 11.46 pounds
Our rating:

SINGER has created this sewing machine in the simplest way possible without compromising its quality. It comes with six basic stitches to choose from which all have their length and width pre-set in the machine.

This takes out the guesswork and stress for a child who just wants to sew a zigzag stitch in peace. The four step buttonhole feature allows them to add buttons to their creations which, whilst we may look at this as a simple detail, children will be amazed at and become obsessed with adding buttons to everything.

The removable extension table gives more stability and prevents your child ending up with a disappointingly wonky stitch, and can be removed to reveal the free arm which is perfect for hemming sleeves or pants.

Don’t blame us when your work pants don’t reach your ankles anymore because they’ve been freshly hemmed, make it a new fashion trend.

Dual spool pins allow twin needle sewing which can create parallel rows of stitching which is great for hemming or adding a decorative twist. The internal frame is made of heavy duty metal which holds all the mechanisms firmly in place and prevents your machine from skipping.

You’ll receive many free accessories to help your child in their new hobby, all neatly packed away in the free arm storage tray. SINGER, who has been around since 1851, specializes in sewing machines so you know you’ll be getting one of the best models for beginners and children.

  • Straight to the point machine which does not overcomplicate things for beginners
  • Affordable price for great value
  • Is made by a trusted brand
  • One user received their item broken
  • Bobbins aren’t the most durable


Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine, Project Runway, 50 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 7 Included Feet
Our rating:

A slightly more advanced model, the Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine consistently gives out quality stitching. This, along with 50 stitches, makes this a perfect sewing machine for children who love a challenge and will never lose their passion for sewing.

This machine will last for years and your child will be able to customize any project without any two looking the same. This model can get up to 850 stitches per minute and comes with complete designer finishing and sewing solutions, speciality needles, stitches, and six feet, each with a unique purpose.

You may be thinking this is a little ambitious for a child, but Brother has made this model reliable, safe and easy to use.

This machine is ultra light and portable with a convenient carry handle, it includes an automatic needle threader which saves lots of hassle of a child trying to perfect the art of threading a needle, and the LCD display screen enables you to choose your stitches and tell you the stitch, the length and width, and which foot to use.

The LED light illuminates the work and lets your child work for hours without straining their eyes. You’ll also receive an accessory pouch which includes three bobbins, three needles, a cleaning brush, screwdriver, an extra spool pin and a seam ripper.

This machine will last your child a lifetime and really deepen their fascination with sewing.

  • Works for years after purchasing
  • 50 stitch styles and 87 stitch functions
  • Quiet and easy to use – perfect for beginners and children
  • LED light is not the brightest
  • One user received their package with missing parts


Luby Purple Sewing Machine
Our rating:

Along with a fantastic sewing machine for beginners and kids, you’ll also get a super cute machine with a little flower design. Created with a child’s first sewing machine in mind, this user-friendly and lightweight model is perfect for portability and picking up new skills.

The design is both compact and usable with batteries or wire-powered, which is perfect for on the go sewers. An LED light shines a spotlight on the needle and your sewing which helps sewing dark fabrics and details.

You also get an attachment that makes it simple to create buttonholes for your projects if you’re feeling a little adventurous.

There are 12 built-in stitches within this machine, meaning your child won’t get bored with only the simple straight stitch to play with. The free arm design provides easy access to sleeves, cuffs, collars, pant hems and other hard to reach areas.

Any fabric your child wants to sew with will likely work with this machine, including cotton, grenadine, elasticated fabric, micro velvet, woollen cloth, leather, denim and chiffon, as well as many more.

This makes this machine incredibly versatile and not just a machine designed for your child’s first steps in the sewing world – it can be used for years.

  • Convenient to store and carry around
  • 12 different types of stitching to try
  • Affordable price makes it great for a first sewing machine
  • Not the best for more advanced sewers
  • Needle is made of cheaper metal so you may want to replace it


Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner, Dual Speed Portable Sewing Machine Machine with Extension Table, Light, Sewing Kit for Household, Travel
Our rating:

The Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine is perfect for beginners and children alike, and it’s small enough to carry around and store without taking up hardly any space! Why complicate things? There are two speed settings – low and high – to cater to any child’s needs, and an automatic thread rewind so you don’t have to manually wind all your bobbins up.

It can either be plugged into a power source or you can use AA batteries, perfect for portability in case your child absolutely has to take their sewing everywhere they go.

There’s also a built-in sewing light that shines down past the needle which prevents eye fatigue and headaches. Is it a blessing or a curse that you can supervise your child in every light condition?

Magicfly’s sewing machine can be used on thin materials to denim, canvas and silk, so this is perfect for almost any craft your child could want to create. There’s both a manual in the box and an online tutorial if you need some assistance setting this machine up, but it’s so easy we won’t think you will.

Along with the machine, you’ll also get an extension table, a foot pedal, one needle, four bobbins and a 42 piece sewing accessories kit.

With so many add-ons this sewing machine is great value for money and a wise pick to immerse your child in the world of sewing.

  • Comes with a 42 piece sewing accessories kit, everything your child needs to learn the craft of sewing
  • Strong needle won’t snap easily
  • Minimal space required for use and storage
  • Only two speeds
  • Doesn’t last forever




Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a sewing machine for your child is how safe it is to use. All sewing machines are relatively safe as adults don’t want accidents either, but children are more likely to cause an accident with an unsafe machine.

Additionally, you may not have time to fully supervise their hobby all the time, meaning a safe machine gives you peace of mind and allows them to get on with it without you over their shoulder 24/7.

Features to make sewing machines safer are finger guards which prevent their small fingers slipping underneath the needle. You should also make sure that the foot is firmly attached and not likely to snap off. A push button is much safer than a pedal for a child because you want their full focus on the needle and not their foot.

Moreover, make sure that your child is using their sewing machine on a sturdy, flat surface and not somewhere foolish like their lap. A dining table will make for a good surface and prevent accidents occurring thanks to the machine slipping around.


Sewing machines contain lots of little intricate pieces such as bobbins, which are fiddly and not the easiest things to use for people with little fingers. Getting a machine that features easy to rewind and replace bobbins will make using the machine a lot easier. A top loading or drop-in bobbin system tends to work best as they are easier to use and tend to jam less often.

Another handy feature is a machine that uses a start/stop button or a slider to determine the speed, instead of using a foot pedal. Not only will this be safer and prevent accidents, it also will be much easier for your child as they won’t have to learn the correct foot pressures.

Once they get the basics perfect, they can start practicing controlling the speed with a pedal, but newbies should stick to the basics.


With any item a child possesses, there will be accidents and things will get damaged. That’s life, but it doesn’t mean you have to shell out for a new sewing machine every time it gets dropped. Firstly, you should look for a durable model that isn’t going to break easily mid creation. Stay away from models that have a reputation of breaking down or require frequent servicing.

Secondly, check the warranty the manufacturer is offering. Some models come with warranty’s up to 25 years, and the longer the warranty generally indicates how long the product’s life will be.

However, you don’t have to look for a machine with such a long warranty for a beginner machine as your child will most likely move onto an advanced version, but a decent warranty displays the brand’s confidence in their product, so it’s a good thing to look out for.



If your child is desperate to learn how to sew, you can teach them at ages as young as four, however this requires full supervision and be wary that accidents are likely to happen. The most common age to start teaching children is six years old, however at age eight children can start to be left unsupervised for short periods of time.

This is achievable as long as you have a sewing machine with the necessary safety precautions and equipment.


Teaching your child to sew should be fun for both of you, and there are some ways you can achieve this without it becoming boring or repetitive. Firstly, choose projects that match their abilities. You can start 2-4 year olds lacing yarn through beads to improve their skills and get them thinking about the skill, whereas 5-9 year olds can learn basic sewing skills.

The older they get, the more advanced your teachings can get.

Secondly, play off their individual interests and keep them engaged. Turn their mistakes into lessons and fill the bookshelf with informative, interesting books to develop their skills. Work with your child’s imagination to keep them immersed in the world of sewing.

This will hopefully fuel their passion for their hobby and keep them sewing for years to come.