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When was the last time you saw a missing button on your shirt or had a hole in your pants right before heading out to an important interview or meeting? Sewing emergencies are almost inevitable today, and the simple presence of a sewing kit can make this experience less daunting. Sewing kits save the day by not only forming a quick stitch but by also saving us the embarrassment of a fashion failure.

Despite the love for DIY work, purchasing a sewing kit never crosses our mind. Partially because finding the ideal sewing kit is hard and almost impossible for a novice with no knowledge of these kits.

Recently, we decided it was time to remedy this situation. We hopped online, started looking around e-stores and made it a mission to find the best sewing kit for users.

Since we weren’t the only ones who needed this information, we have compiled reviews of the best sewing kits in this article. Read along to explore your options and find the best kit in the market. This review article is the culmination of our efforts and summarizes the top options for you.


ARTIKA Sew Simply Sewing Kit


This ARTIKA Sew Simply Sewing Kit is ideal for domestic use and includes a stellar leather case with all high-duty tools you require inside a sewing kit. The kit offers amazing 38 spools in different colors and comes with a decent quantity of other pins and clips.

The compact size allows you to carry this kit around with you on your travels and camping excursions. The kit comes at an affordable price and offers exceptional value to users who want the best sewing kit without emptying their pockets.


  • Contains all basic sewing tools in one place
  • Ideal for home use or summer camps
  • Ideal gift for pros and beginners
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Comes in an impressive and durable leather case


  • No regular pins included in the package
  • Spools are tiny


ARTIKA Sewing Kit 100 XL