We beg the question – can you ever really have too many purses and pouches? Not only do they look extremely stylish, but they’re also incredibly helpful when it comes to storing all of your bits and bobs.

Whether you wish to use them as pencil cases, makeup storage, homes for your nail polish collection, or even just to cart around your phone and credit card, these 60 DIY purses and pouches are sure to delight!

There’s a whole range of tutorials aimed at those beginning their craft journey, to the more advanced, so you can trust us when we say that there’s a project here for absolutely everyone! Let’s get started…

zip your lips pouch tutorial

This DIY mouth purse from A Beautiful Mess is super fun, plus it’s quite simple to create! You can fill it with just about anything you want too, whether it be pens, pencils, makeup, jewellery etc.

emoji clutch

We all can’t seem to get enough of Emojis, so why not create this DIY Emoji face purse, just as A Beautiful Mess has done? It’s sure to put a smile on your dial!

xoxo heart clutch

Show someone how much you care by making this DIY heart purse from A Beautiful Mess for them. It’s the perfect little pouch to help them store their bits and bobs in.

mini makeup pouch

If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect makeup pouch, you’ll be pleased to hear that Alice and Lois are here to teach you how to create your very own, using a fabric of your choice. Brilliant!

DIY Minion purse

How wonderful is this DIY Minion purse by All Free Sewing? It’s quite a grown-up take on the much-loved movie characters!

diy pencil case

Here’s a classic and stunning DIY zip purse from A Simplistic Life which you’ll want to show off! The faux leather gives it a luxurious look too.

DIY whale storage purse

This DIY whale storage purse by Catalina Saptelei via Guide Central is the perfect school accessory for any young child. They’ll love how his mouth zips open too!

DIY cat pencil case

Speaking of cute storage pouches, this DIY cat pencil case from Craft Bits will delight anyone who sets eyes on it! We love its adorable face too.

pencil case

If your little one is a bit nervous about his or her first day at school, why not create a special pencil case for them featuring their favourite character? Crazy Little Projects will show you how!

makeup storage

Here’s a perfect purse from Curious.com which is great for storing your makeup in! We also think it’d make a fantastic pouch for pens, pencils, and other desk supplies.

glittery monogram pencil pouch

This DIY glittery monogram pencil pouch from Damask Love will have your heart in a spin! It’d make a fantastic present for a loved one, or simply a special project for yourself.

coloring book purse

Isn’t this just an amazing idea from Damask Love? Using ‘colour-in’ fabric in wonderful patterns, the blogger will show you how you can create your own zip purses!

pendleton laptop sleeve

Trust Design Sponge to come up with this stylish idea for a storage purse. What will you put in yours? We think it’d be great for storing gadgets in!

pencil zip purse

This pretty zip purse from eHow will leave you feeling amazed by how simple it is to create! We love the gorgeous blue pattern too.

fox ipad sleeve

Who wouldn’t want a cute fox pouch like this one from Eskimimi Makes? Children will love having this as their DIY pencil case, or it’d also be perfect as a makeup storage purse.

zipper pouches

Fall For DIY will show you how to make not one, or two, but THREE zip purses that you can create yourself! These are perfect for storing all of your odds and ends.

diy grid pouch

Here’s an eye-catching makeup storage purse from Homey Oh My that you can whip-up in just one afternoon! The geometric design is incredibly on-trend too.

sharpie school supllies bags

With some plain pouches and Sharpie pens, you too can create these fantastic DIY storage purses by HoneyBear Lane. The best part is that you can customize them in any way that you wish!


Fancy some colourful fruit-inspired purses to use as pencil cases or makeup storage pouches? Luckily for you, Idunn Goddess has created a YouTube video to show you how it’s done!


Speaking of videos, Instructables has shared this insightful tutorial to help you make your very own Totoro pencil case. This guy is super adorable!

double zip pouch

This fancy DIY purse from Japanese Sewing Books features two zips – Isn’t that awesome? Follow the tutorial to make one for yourself!

DIY polka dot pouch

For lovers of spotty prints, this DIY polka dot pouch from Knitty Bitties is for you! You can check out the full tutorial via Polka Dot Chair.

diy oil cloth makeup bags

These DIY pouches are perfect for storing your makeup or bathroom necessities, especially because they’re made from a waterproof material! Lia Griffith is the talented blogger behind this project.

half-circle zipper pouches

These half-circle zipper pouches from Lula Louise aren’t just adorable, they’re also incredibly versatile and useful! You can also make a few of these as presents for your loved ones.

DIY fox pencil case

Madame Citron has created this gorgeous DIY fox pencil case that you’re going to love! It might look incredibly professional, but just about everyone can recreate this.

hand print pencil case