Embroidery hoops might seem like a simple craft material, but did you know just how many craft projects you can use them in? Thankfully, the humble little hoop has a wide array of fun uses, all of which can easily be achieved within a weekend!

We’ve rounded-up 45 amazing DIY projects which you can create using the material, whether it’s embroidery crafts, wall hangings, artworks, ornaments, or other stunning home décor.

It’s time to get a needle, some thread, and plenty of glue – Let’s dive in!

diy copper lighted wreaths

Using affordable embroidery hoops, you too can create these beautiful fairy light decorations, just as A Bubbly Life has done! They look great when made from a variety of sizes.

diy tambourines boho inspired

A Bubbly Life is one very talented blogger! She’s actually created these beautiful, bohemian-inspired tambourines using embroidery hoops.

diy alphabet hoop art

These DIY monogram embroidery hoop decorations from Adventures in Making serve as the perfect gift for a loved one! You can check out the full tutorial to see how they were made.

embroidery hoop orbs

AKA Design has created these wonderfully cheap embroidery hoop orbs – Aren’t they great? They actually look like something from a high-end, luxury home store.

diy embroidery hoop ornament

We love these eye-catching and vibrant DIY embroidery hoop decorations from Alice and Lois! You’ll be pleased to know that you too can re-create these wonders.

tissue paper suncatcher embroidery hoops

Here’s a DIY embroidery hoop project that your children can get involved in! Artful Parent has created a tutorial for these beautiful and crafty sun catchers.

embroidery hoop quote hanger

These simple DIY embroidery hoop gifts from Classy Clutter are the perfect present choice for many of your loved ones, whether it be for their birthday or Christmas. You’ll love the step-by-step tutorial too!

cat embroidery hoop decor

Here’s a DIY Halloween project that you can easily make using embroidery hoops. Consumer Crafts will teach you how to create this scribble cat art – Amazing!

round diy weaving loom

Consumer Crafts will teach you how to create an easy, round weaving loom using an embroidery hoop. This is a fantastic project to tackle this weekend!

how to finish an embroidery hoop

One of the very basic skills of using embroidery hoops is knowing how to correctly finish one. Thankfully, Daisies for Violet will teach you how with her step-by-step tutorial!

watercolor embroidery hoop art

This DIY watercolour mini hoop art from Darice is not only incredibly eye-catching, it’s also super easy to create! You can even mix and match your own design with various watercolour patterns.

no sew embroidery hoop wall organizer

How’s this for a handy little wall storage unit? DIY Candy will show you how to create this colourful and funky embroidery hoop wall art.

diy modern mobile

Is there anything you can’t do with an embroidery hoop? Dwell Beautiful will even show you how to create a hanging mobile using the cheap craft item!

embroidery hoop wreath

Here’s a wreath with a difference! Dwelling in Happiness will teach you how to create this crafty and cute embroidery hoop art. It’s perfect for hanging on your door!

embroidery hoop wreath

You can even make a more traditional wreath using an embroidery hoop, just like this one from Ella Claire Inspired. The best part is that it’s probably one of the cheapest wreaths you’ll ever make!

diy embroidery hoop yarn wall hanging

Enthralling Gumption will teach you how you can also create a beautiful and very on-trend woven wall hanging using embroidery hoops. Too easy!

will forever always floral embroidery hoop art

How beautiful is this embroidery hoop design from Flamingo Toes? Thanks to the blogger’s template and tutorial, you too can create this within just one afternoon!

chalk embroidery mini hoop ornaments

We love these DIY Christmas embroidery hoop decorations from Flamingo Toes! Not only are they very easy to make, but they’re also incredibly eye-catching when hanging on a Christmas tree.

halloween spooky spiderweb hoop art

Embroidery hoop projects can be made all-year-round and Flamingo Toes shows us how you can also incorporate them into your Halloween crafts. Your children will love these!

denim pocket organizers

These denim pocket organizers from Homemade Modern Blog are a genius idea! Not only do they turn your old jeans into something crafty, but they also use the humble embroidery hoop.

diy constellation embroidery hoop art

Fancy making some DIY constellation embroidery hoop art? We think guests will be amazed by your craft skills when they spot these hanging on your wall! Honey and Fitz will show you how it’s done.

diy clock using an embroidery hoop

Can you believe that you can even create a DIY clock using an embroidery hoop? Thankfully, Hunting for Ladybugs has a full tutorial for you via Mums Take 5.

diy embroidery hoop wall art

Forget your traditional gallery wall – this DIY embroidery hoop art wall from Lady by the Bay is way better! Find out how you too can create this in your home by following her tutorial.

how to turn embroidery hoops into photo

Lilla Bjorn Crochet will generously teach you how to easily turn embroidery hoops with crochet border into frames for pictures. The options are endless with this one!

embroidery hoop pocket

Isn’t this handy? Little Red Window has created a DIY embroidery hoop pocket using easy-to-find materials and you can too! Be sure to check out her tutorial.

embroidery hoops thrifted brooches

This is the ultimate thrifty project from Make It & Love It. She’s created a DIY wreath using thrifted brooches and embroidery hoops – they look stunning!

how to crochet around an embroidery hoop

Have you ever wondered how to crochet around an embroidery hoop? Luckily for you, MakeZine has a tutorial to help you learn exactly how!

embroidery hoop clock sewing room project

Wow, this DIY embroidery hoop clock from Melly Sews is gorgeous! Mix and match your own favorite fabric for a look that’s completely unique.

summer air plant wreath

This summer air plant wreath from Oh So Beautiful Paper is a cheap and easy decoration alternative for parties, weddings, baby showers – you name it!

engineering prints in embroidery hoop frames

These embroidery hoops from One Krieger Chick hold photos of your near and dear – isn’t that wonderful? They’re also now as tricky as they look to create!

cat embroidery hoop christmas ornaments

Polka Dot Chair has created some adorable DIY embroidery hoop cat Christmas ornaments. You’re sure to have a blast creating these!

embroidery hoop art with scrapbook paper

Creating embroidery hoop wall art needn’t be difficult – just check out R & R Workshop’s easy-to-follow tutorial to get started!

fall-embroidery hoop wreath

This DIY fall embroidery hoop wreath contains an alluring orange chevron pattern and monogram design. Reasons to Come Home has the full tutorial for you!

diy embroidery hoop sun catcher

We think that this embroidery ring sun catcher idea from Red Leaf Style is perfect! Not only does it cost just a few dollars to make, but it also features some gorgeous foliage that you can collect from your own yard.

embroidery hoop Christmas ornament

Here’s another DIY embroidery hoop Christmas ornament you can create to add some much-needed festive cheer to your tree. Remodelando la Casa has used beautiful lace in this project.

creepy crawly crochet spider web doilies

Sadie Seasongoods will show you how to create your very own fun Halloween spider web using an embroidery hoop and crochet. Children and adults alike are going to love this one!

spooky silhouettes a halloween profile

Here’s another DIY embroidery hoop project which is perfect for Halloween! Sadie’s Season Goods will show you how it’s done.

mothers day embroidery

Isn’t this DIY embroidery hoop project from Sarah Hearts stunning? It’s the perfect gift to spoil your mom with this Mother’s Day!

embroidery hoop storage pockets tutorial

Need somewhere fancy to store your craft materials? Why not make this awesome embroidery hoop pouch from Sew Delicious? You can even hang it on your wall for easy accessibility.

embroidery hoop cork memo board and thumbtacks

These embroidery hoop pin boards from The Casual Craftlete are just what every office needs! Not only are they functional, but they’re extremely pretty too.

embroidery hoop mobile

Create a DIY embroidery hoop baby mobile by following this great tutorial from The Enchanting Rose. We think it’s a great idea for a nursery or baby shower gift!

embroidered photo family portraits

This lovely DIY project from The Glamorous Housewife involves printing your favourite portraits on fabric, fixing them to an embroidery hoop, then embroidering some fun elements on the photos. Now isn’t that clever?

mini embroidery hoop ornament

These DIY mini embroidery hoop ornaments from The Graphics Fairy are super adorable – we love the bunny art inside of them! The gold glitter-dipped edges makes them extra festive too.

embroidery hoops

Did you know that you can also use embroidery hoops as DIY looms for weaving? Here’s another helpful tutorial from the talented The Weaving Loom.

diy bolsa ropa sucia laundry bag

You can also make a large fabric pouch using an embroidery hoop, just as Yellow Pillows has done. It’s perfect for storing all sorts of bits n’ bobs!