Collar necklaces are one of the easiest ways to jazz-up an otherwise boring outfit. They’re also incredibly fun to make and when you put your mind to it – the options are endless!

We’ve gathered a whopping 40 DIY tutorials which all show you how to make some of the most stunning collar necklace ideas you’ve ever seen.

Whether you prefer collars containing plenty of colour, jewels, pom-poms, beads, or flowers (just to name a few), then you’re sure to fall head-over-heels in love with the following projects.

peter pan collar necklace

Just look at what you can do with some lovely faux leather and a ribbon! A Beautiful Mess has a step-by-step tutorial to show you how you can also create this DIY collar.

Anthropologie bib necklace

This stunning tribal-inspired collar necklace from Brit + Co is actually an Anthropologie knock-off on a budget! Learn how to make your own by following these instructions.

diy groove ketting

Have you ever seen something so beautiful? This DIY collar necklace by Budgi contains sparkly metallic and stunning agate stones. Amazing!

vintage glitter collar necklace

Add some instant glam to any outfit by making this DIY collar necklace from Cotton and Curls. It’ll sparkle in the sunlight and earn you a lot of compliments!

anthro chained bib knockoff

Have you got some leftover lace? Turn it into a show stopping collar necklace, thanks to this informative tutorial from Flamingo Toes!

diy cut out collar

Here’s an elegant and eye-catching collar which is super simple to create! Frida’s Peach will show you how it’s done.

diy chain collar necklace

You can also create a very sophisticated gold chain collar necklace, just as Hello Natural has done. This design would suit every outfit too.

diy collar necklaces

Here’s a fantastic and understated version of the DIY collar necklace above, this time created by Hello Whimsy. If a more simple style is your thing, then this is your go-to tutorial!

diy peter pan collar

This Peter Pan collar takes pretty necklaces to a whole new level. Honestly WTF will teach you how she created this little masterpiece!

passo passo maxi colar verde

This necklace contains all the bling you could ever need! The best part? It’s simple to recreate, thanks to a wonderful step-by-step tutorial from Hora de Diva.

diy crochet necklace

In Honor of Design has created these beautiful crochet design collar necklaces in two colours – blue and yellow! If you can’t decide which one is your favourite, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can easily whip-up both in an afternoon.

pom pom collar necklace

How cute and stylish is this DIY necklace design from Is Laura? Featuring little pom poms and crochet, it’s a match made in heaven.

diy neon gem necklace

Featuring colorful rhinestones and a black satin ribbon, this DIY collar necklace from I Spy DIY will certainly demand your attention! Follow the step-by-step guide to recreate your own.

diy jewelry triangle necklace

Fancy a DIY collar necklace with a difference? Then this triangle version by I Spy DIY is certainly for you!

diy collar nudo

This neon pink knot necklace by Lina Menesses is super easy to create, thanks to this YouTube video tutorial! Feel free to mix and match coloured rope to suit your own style.

diy collar necklace

Here’s a DIY collar necklace from Live Master for the crafty pros! Featuring an incredibly detailed (but step-by-step) tutorial, this stunning work of art is a true accomplishment to create.

diy braided rope necklace

This nautical inspired necklace from Lovely Indeed will add a touch of the seaside to any outfit! It’s also a simple yet stunning necklace to create for Christmas presents.

diy col claudine

This beautiful DIY collar will add a touch of charm to any blouse or dress. Lucille Michieli will show you how it’s done, so be sure to follow her handy instructions!

crochet collar necklace

Does it get any cuter than this DIY crochet collar from Lulu Loves? It’s the perfect accessory to jazz-up any outfit, and the pearl clasp adds a touch of glamour.

triangular collar necklace

These triangular collar necklaces are all the rage, but the good news is that you can actually easily make your own. MaryTo Chocolate has an informative and helpful video tutorial.

anthropologie collar necklace

This lovely idea for a DIY collar necklace from Mrs Priss contains fabric flowers – Beautiful! We bet you’d love to try your hand at recreating this.

anthropologie knock off collar necklace

This gold collar necklace from My Girlish Whims is incredibly unique and it has the ability to add instant glam to any outfit. To tackle this DIY project, you’ll have to follow this blogger’s tutorial!

diy bead cluster web necklace

My Girlish Whims does it again with this eye-catching bead cluster web necklace! Fancy giving it a go? You’ll be chuffed with your results.

diy jcrew necklace

This beautiful necklace from Owls Wake Up might look intricate and difficult to create, but after reading through this tutorial, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

rosette bib necklace

These little fabric rosettes work perfectly with the nautical inspired ribbon. This DIY collar necklace project from Pattern Runway is certainly one you’ll want to recreate!

diy collar drama

This gorgeous collar necklace from Plan B by Anna Evers contains enough diamantes, gemstones, and beads to keep your heart content! This DIY is a true show-stopper.

diy peter pan kragen

Whether you fancy a bubble-gum pink glittery collar or a black beaded one, Provinzkindchen will teach you how to make not just one, but both of these DIY necklaces!

gold shell necklace

Gold shells on a necklace…need we say more? P.S I Made This will show you how to recreate her stunning design. With the addition of tulle, this necklace becomes even more glam!

gold collar necklace

If you’re looking for a DIY collar necklace to create in as little as ten minutes, then this one from Refinery29 would be it! The best part is that it looks so good, people will believe it was store-bought.

pearl collar necklace

It might look simple, but this red DIY collar necklace is oozing with sophistication, thanks to that pearl brooch. Refinery29 has done a great job with this DIY project.

floral collar diy

Sincerely Kinsey begins with a collar shape design in this cardigan makeover tutorial, however you can easily turn this collar template into a stunning necklace instead! The tiny flowers are incredibly pretty.

fringed necklace

With some gold chain and colourful thread, you too can recreate Spark and Chemistry’s fancy collar necklace design! This would look amazing when teamed with a white blouse.

tribal necklace

We kid you not, this amazing DIY collar necklace was made from safety pins and beads! StyleCaster is incredibly talented to think of such a design.

crochet necklace

This coloured wool and gold chain collar design works perfectly together, don’t you think? Thanks I Made It has the full set of instructions for you to recreate these!

embroidered peter pan collar

This crafty DIY collar contains the sweetest embroidered design! The House That Lars Built will show you how it’s done over on her blog.

rhinestone collar necklace

If you’re craving plenty of glitz and glamour, this collar necklace from The Kit is going to be right up your alley! Place one of these in a loved one’s stocking this Christmas for an extra surprise!

embellished collar necklace

This collar necklace idea from The Lovely Drawer is so fashion-forward that you’re likely to see similar designs in high-end boutiques for ten times the cost it takes you to make it!

brooch collar necklace

Dust off your button or brooch collection, because they’re perfect to use in this DIY collar necklace project by The Plum Verbena. The different metallic shades are very eye-catching too!

lace choker diy

With a lovely embroidered design and a sparkly brooch, you can create this amazing collar necklace, just as Trinkets In Bloom has done! The ribbon adds that extra glam touch.

tulle pearl collar necklace

If you’re a lover of pearls and tulle, you’re going to love this DIY necklace by Violet le Beaux. It’s ultra-feminine and easy to create too!